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My name is Marshall Anderson. I'm a musician from the fucking wasteland that is Las Vegas. Aside from what's here, I have a band (which you will hear soon enough), and I also composed the music for the game Soldat, which you should be playing right now!

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Posted by DGF-Azazel - June 17th, 2010

So, I had no internet for a while, so I haven't been keeping up with things around here... BUT I'M BACK NOW! AND...

I'm working on an actual album, that I intend to self promote and sell via digital distribution methods... There will be more info on this, I'll keep you guys posted, and I'm on facebook now, search for the e-mail adress dgfazazel@metalfan.com to find me, and add me, I have been posting updates on how the recording is going every once in a while, and there's going to be some really awesome stuff going on as I near time to release it!


Posted by DGF-Azazel - August 1st, 2009

At the time of this being posted, THREE of the top ten Heavy Metal songs are mine! I can't believe it, thanks to everyone who votes! Granted one of them was just recently uploaded, and might not stay there, but damn, that made my day!

Posted by DGF-Azazel - July 30th, 2009

New song up. Enjoy!

Posted by DGF-Azazel - July 30th, 2009

I've jut been busy... I'm working on music for a game called Tonks, and I'm working on a game myself. If you'd like to hear the music I've done so far, or if you want to try the alpha performance test version of the game I'm working on, you can find both at the website I just put up, here. I'll be putting some new stuff up on Newgroiunds soon too, so keep an eye out. So enjoy the music and the game, and please feel free to give me feedback on both!

Posted by DGF-Azazel - May 28th, 2009

But there will be plenty more shit coming soon. First, I'm going to push myself to finish the demo for my band. I plan to pour a lot of time into it and make it absolutely perfect. I'll put links up to stuff as I finish it.

Posted by DGF-Azazel - May 16th, 2009

I haven't submitted anything for a little while, but that's because I'm currently working on a song designed to melt yo' fuckin' faces off! Should be done fairly soon, and will have vocals and everything! I'm still trying to work out all the lyrics though, here's what I've got for the chorus, comments/suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Someday the sun will kill us all
We have no time left to lose
Or one day we will burn in that fire
Someday we have to leave this world
Or the species won't survive
Evolve or die
The sun will kill us all

The idea behind the song is that for all the work we try to do to repair the environment, there is a bit of futility there, someday the sun is going to explode, and we wouldn't even know for about eight minutes after it happened! If we don't eventually leave this planet, and find somewhere else to live, then we're done. Game over, man, game over! And NASA is still ridiculously underfunded, I think this is a very real problem that we should be putting resources towards. Of course, we still can't stop arguing over which invisible all powerful god figure put us here to begin with... So I guess we're fucked!

Posted by DGF-Azazel - May 13th, 2009

I'm really overwhelmed by the response to Stormrise! You guys all kick ass, and you've motivated me to start writing more stuff to put up here, so just wait, cause you haven't heard ANYTHING yet!

Posted by DGF-Azazel - May 13th, 2009

Stormrise is now listed on the audio portal Best of the Week list! Thanks to all the people who rated and reviewed the song, you guys rock!