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2009-05-16 17:15:25 by DGF-Azazel

I haven't submitted anything for a little while, but that's because I'm currently working on a song designed to melt yo' fuckin' faces off! Should be done fairly soon, and will have vocals and everything! I'm still trying to work out all the lyrics though, here's what I've got for the chorus, comments/suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Someday the sun will kill us all
We have no time left to lose
Or one day we will burn in that fire
Someday we have to leave this world
Or the species won't survive
Evolve or die
The sun will kill us all

The idea behind the song is that for all the work we try to do to repair the environment, there is a bit of futility there, someday the sun is going to explode, and we wouldn't even know for about eight minutes after it happened! If we don't eventually leave this planet, and find somewhere else to live, then we're done. Game over, man, game over! And NASA is still ridiculously underfunded, I think this is a very real problem that we should be putting resources towards. Of course, we still can't stop arguing over which invisible all powerful god figure put us here to begin with... So I guess we're fucked!


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2009-05-16 18:18:48

It is the money, the fact that funding is required which makes it so hard to progress. I don't know how a world without money would work. Nor do I know if such a world would be possible or beneficial. However the fact that everyone needs money to get anywhere hinders progress.

Have a nice day and good luck with your song.


2009-05-17 15:38:05


I think your thoughts about the sun work nice as concept for a song, but don't you think you're a bit ahead of time to worry seriously about such a thing? The sun isn't going to explode just yet, you know. Sol is about 5 billion years old now, and it's expected to be at about half his total lifetime, so I personally don't think humanity will even live long enough to see the sun grow into a red killer gasball. There are way more serious threats, and those come mostly from ourselves (nuclear weapons combined with the continuous tendency to murder fellow men, just to name one).

Back to the song. I find it a bit hard to know if the text will work well if there is no music to hear it with. Will the lyrics be grunt, clean, or scream? I personally think scream or clean would work best with the style of the message.

(Updated ) DGF-Azazel responds:

I understand what you're saying, and this is really more a metaphorical concept then something I'm really worked up about. My point about NASA is that we could be preparing ourselves to expand our civilization beyond the EARTH, but we can't even keep from fighting on this planet... And we don't put enough resources to things like NASA that truly benefit the species in significant ways... The first song after the intro on the demo my band is putting together is about humanity destroying humanity, it's called Omnicide. Can't use subject matter twice in a row, so now humanity versus our inevitable end...

The vocals will be done with a combination of multiple types of screams and grunts and clean vocals. I really hope it all works, I'm damn sure I can pull off what's in my head, but I could always be wrong...


2009-05-17 18:58:58

that is a very disturbing idea! but i bet the song will sound great!