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Calmer Currents Calmer Currents

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Nice piano-centric piece, if somewhat repetitive.

Opens on a very nice sounding piano loop, followed by an electronic bass sound and some interesting, almost progressive drumwork. It's a bit repetitive, as it's essentially built around a single looping piano sound, some plucked strings and synth lead sounds break the monotony a bit towards the end... I really liked the plucked strings, but I wasn't really big on the synth lead, I think it sounded a little harsh given the other elements in the song... I really liked the ending though, kind of surprising, but in a good way...

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Lamplighter responds:

Yeah, I agree, it is a bit repetitive. I just think the repetitivity is okay if you've got things to support it with. I personally also like the dulcimer (that's what it's supposed to be, the plucky thing), glad you thought so, too! And yes, I really need to switch out that synth. It's got a bit too much saw and not enough sine. Yup.

Thanks for the review!